Kerala State Centre for Advanced Printing & Training is an autonomous institution established by the Government of Kerala in 1992 as per G.O.(MS) 73/92/H.Edn dt. 28.04.1992 in the name of "Kerala State Audio-Visual and Reprographic Centre" and changed the name to "Kerala State Centre for Advanced Printing and Training (C-apt)" as per G.O(MS) No. 69/2011/H.Edn dated 28/05/2011.  The objectives of the Centre is to impart training in the field of Computer, Animation & Multimedia, Office Automation, Printing and Reprography to the educated unemployed youth and to undertake Printing and Reprographic works for the Government Departments/Autonomous Bodies/Public sector.  Another important initiative of the Centre is the Research and Study in Braille publications for visually impaired people. The Centre is administered by a Governing Body  and an Executive Committee. The Governing Body consisting of fourteen members, Minister for Higher Education, Kerala State, is being its Chairman and Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department as its Vice Chairman. The Executive Committee consisting of five members, the Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department, Kerala State as its Chairman. The Managing Director is the Member Secretary of both the bodies.