Competitive bids are invited from ICAI registered Chartered Accountants/Accounting firms who satisfy the specified conditions for appointing as  (1) Internal Auditors  2) StatutoryAuditors to audit C-apt and C-apt Sub-Centres and to conduct GST/ITR filing of C-apt for the financial year 2024-2025.

Last Date for submission of bid is : 25th June 2024....                     For more details



                                                                                                                        Wanted Guest Lecturers 

Applications are invited from the well quailified candidates  in Printing Technology, (having PG/UG Degree/3 yr Diploma holders with experience) to work as Guest Lecturer in  Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhokode Centres of Capt. Those who have UG/PG Degree/3 Yr Diploma in Prinitng Technolgy with  experience may  submit their application  along with attested copies of  certificates proving their qualifications and experience to the   "Managing Director, Kerala State Centre for Advanced Printing and Tranining, Training Division, West Fort, Punnapuram, Thiruvanathapuram  on or before 30/05/2024. For more details contact: 0471- 2474720, 2467728 (Notification)


 Sl.No  Tender No /ID  Tender Type Reference No

Due date &Time for submission

 Description of Tender Remarks
27 46/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/829/2024-M2(MTL) 18.06.2024 03:00 PM. Purchase of 70 gsm D/D A grade paper For details
26 45/24-25 Quotation Notice C-apt/821/2024-M1(MTL) 18.06.2024 11:00 AM. Purchase of paper cutting knife For details
25 2024_CAPT_675513_1 eTender CAPT/813/2024-O2(OUTSOURCE) 20.06.2024 11:00 AM. Printing and supply of Registers & Handbooks Through Kerala eProcurement ONLINE Portal only For details
24 2024_CAPT_674745_1 eTender CAPT/555/2024-M3(MNT) 18/06/24 02.00 PM Hiring of vehicles for the transportation of printed materials Through Kerala eProcurement ONLINE Portal onlyFor details
23 42/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/803/2024-O2(OUTSOURCE) 10/06/2024 10.00AM Printing of HandBook For Details
22 41/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/801/2024-O2(OUTSOURCE) 10/06/2024 10.00AM Printing of Calendar For details
21 2024_CAPT_674355_1 eTender C-APT/266/2024-M1(MTL) 15/06/2024 11.00 AM Purchase of  NCERT/CBSE Text Books Through Kerala eProcurement ONLINE Portal onlyFor details
20 37/24-25 Quotation Notice C-APT/757/2024-M1(MTL) 06/06/2024 11.00 AM Purchase of Table Top Trolleys For Details
19 38/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/773/2024-M2(MTL) 10/06/24 02.30 PM Purchase  of Carton Box 5 ply (18x13.5x10”)  - 10000 Nos For details
18 34/24-25 LIMITED TENDER C-apt/611/2024-M3(MTL) 30/05/24 11.00 AM Purchase of 300 kg Nylon Rubber Band For Details
17 33/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/727/2024-O2(OUTSOURCE) 24/05/24  10.00 AM Printing of Posters For details
16 31/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/716/2024-O1(OUTSOURCE) 23/05/24  11.00 AM Printing of Laminated Tag For details
15 29/24-25 Quotation Notice C-apt/710/2024-M1(MTL) 22/05/24  11.00 AM Purchase of 26 AH 12V Batteries – 10 Nos For details
14 24/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/664/2024-O2(OUTSOURCE) 20/05/24  11.00 AM Printing and supply of cover - 3600 nos For details
13 21/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/668/2024-M2(MTL) 18/05/24 03.00 PM  Purchase of 100 gsm Art paper-125 Ream For details
12 20/24-25 Quotation Notice C-apt/641/2024-M1(MTL) 13/05/24 11.00 AM

Purchase of 26 AH 12V Batteries – 10 Nos

For details
11 19/24-25 LIMITED TENDER Capt/640/2024-M1(MTL) 13/05/24 11.00 AM Purchase of Creasing Machine (Double Unit Model)Purchase of Creasing Machine (Double Unit Model) For details
10 2024_CAPT_671990_1 eTender Capt/546/2024-M3(MNT) 02/05/24 02.00 pm Sale and Disposal of Cutting waster paper and other waste paper items Through Kerala eProcurement ONLINE Portal only.  For details
9 11/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/527/2024-O2(OUTSOURCE) 20/04/24 11.00 am For cloth lined cover For details
8 2024_CAPT_671856_1 eTender  CAPT/522/2024-M1(MTL)-EST

Due date xtened to 02/05/24 4.00 PMCorrigendum

Premium for entrolling Employees of Capt & their spouse and childrens under insurance scheme Through Kerala eProcurment ONLINE Portal only.For more details.
7 eTender    CAPT/509/2024-M2(MTL)

Extended upto

25/04/24 10.30 AM

Purchase of70 gsm 51 cm OBA Free Paper 300 MT Through Kerala eProcurment ONLINE Portal only.For more details..For more details..
6 08/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/451/2024-M2(MTL) 11/04/24 3.00 PM Purchase of 130 gsm art paper For more details
5 07/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/508/2024-M2(MTL) 11/04/24 3.00 PM Purchase of 70 gsm A grade paper For more details
4 01/24-25/KNR LIMITED TENDER CAPT-KNR/20/2024

Extended to

30/04/24 2.00 PM

Sale of disposal of obsolete and unserviceable  items For more details
3 06/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/498/2024-O2(OUTSOURCE) 09/04/24 11.00 AM Printing of Laminated Tag For more details
2 eTender  CAPT/361/2024-M2(MTL) 12/04/24 10.30 AM Purchase 80 gsm 76 cm TNPL/Maplitho A Gr Reel Paper - 225 MT Through Kerala eProcurment ONLINE Portal only.For more details..
1 03/24-25 LIMITED TENDER CAPT/459/2024-M2(MTL) 05/04/24 10.30 AM Purchase of 70 gsm A Grade white paper For more details