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The C-apt Employees Welfare Association (CEWA) is formed in 2015 with Registration No. TVM/TC/411/2016,  jointly by the staff and the management for the welfare of employees focusing on social, economic and health aspects. The main source of  income of the Association is the monthly contribution of staffs and a portion of waste paper sale income of the Centre. Cewa is managed by a  three members with the Mananging Director, Capt as the President (Ex Officio) and a Secretary, a  Treasurer  from the Members of the Association. CEWA is functioning based on the rules and regulations approved by the general body meeting of the members.

The main objectives of this Association is 

1. Give assistance/support to the staffs on Retirement  2. Give assistance to the family of member on his death on service  3. Give assistance to the member on severe illness  4. Encourage the  Education of  members  family    5.Conducting of Medical Camps, Educational seminor, pleasure tour etc

Dr. P SureshkumarPresident                                      Dr. P. Suresh Kumar          Managing Director
                                                         CAPT EMPLOYEES WELFARE ASSOCIATION
                                                                         Reg.No TVM/TC/411/2016
 News & Events:- 
 It is Proposed to conducat CEWA's Annual Program meeting and Cewa Family Get together on 11/11/2023 at SFS Church, Vattiyoorkavu. All Cewa members are cordially invited to attend the meeting .
.16/05/2022  Educational Award to Cewa Family Members
IMG 8367

Hon'ble Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice  Department Dr. R. Bindhu   present the Educational Award to the family of CEWA Members in  the Inaugural function of  Multimedia Academy Courses to SC/ST Students on 16/05/2022 at CAPT, Head Office Complex, Vattiyoorkavu, Thiruvananthapuram.


Sri.Sajith Kumar T   
 Sulfickar Ali
Sri. Sulficker Ali A                9847248365